Hebrew Lettering Tattoo Designs - CLassical Font
e have been creating accurate and attractive Hebrew lettering tattoo designs and translations since 2005.
We have created well over 1000 tattoo designs and translations.
If you are looking to get an accurate Hebrew lettering tattoo design that looks good, and will not have you landing on a Worst Tattoos Website, then you have arrived to right service.
If you already have Hebrew and need it checked for errors and verified, we can do that for you HERE.

Hebrew Tattoo DesignsSave Money & Time Buy Pre-Made Hebrew Tattoo Designs:

Since we began this online service in 2005, many customers have ordered the exact same tattoo designs that other customers had ordered previously. Since we have these designs already made it seems only reasonable that we offer these popular designs to you for a very discounted price and a 24 hour delivery service.

For ONLY USD$4.99, you can buy any one of our pre-made Hebrew tattoo designs. (Hebrew tattoo design come with the matching outline)

Ordering a pre-made Hebrew tattoo design from us is easy.

  1. Go to our Pre-Made Designs Page
  2. Choose the design/s that you would like.
  3. Make payment via the PAYPAL payment button.
  4. Your Hebrew tattoo design/s will be emailed to your email address within 24 hours.
    (They come as high resolution JPEG images)
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Hebrew Tattoo DesignsOrder Your Hebrew Tattoo Design – Translation:

We have been creating Hebrew tattoo designs and translating requests into Hebrew since 2005, which makes our service older than any other Hebrew tattoo design and translation online service. We have created well over 1000 designs and translations for customers ranging from students to clergy, that are located across the globe. Unlike our competitors, we have NOT made a single mistake and thus never had to pay for someone’s expensive and painful tattoo removal, nor have we been sued in court, ever, and you will not find our tattoos on some Worst Tattoos website. If these are not enough reasons to use our service then we wish you all the luck.

  1. Choose one of the font options below.
  2. Type in your text to be translated and the Bible source (Ex. Lev 19:28) if there is one, in the box provided. Hebrew is gender specific so please include which gender, if required.
  3. Make payment via Paypal, the most secure online payment system.
  4. It takes from 1 days to 14 working days to complete orders depending on the volume of orders that we have in the que and complexity of orders.
  5. We email you the translated phrase or word back to you in the form of a picture (jpeg, jpg) with the accompanying outline art that the tattoo artist needs.

We have a RUSH ORDER service which you can choose for those of you that need your tattoo design – translation fast.

We have a custom design service that can make your Hebrew lettering order vertical, arced and round.

We have a custom art service to create an artistic Hebrew tattoo design

Modern Hebrew Font

Hebrew Lettering Tattoo Designs

Hebrew Tattoo Designs

1a)Translate in a modern Hebrew font in HIGH RESOLUTION.

For USD$11.99 per word, we can provide you with the most popular modern Hebrew font.The output is high resolution, tattoo quality.Include the biblical source if any, (example Lev. 19:28, Psalms 1:3 etc… )


How Many Words?

Classical Hebrew Font

Hebrew Lettering Tattoo Designs - CLassical Font

Hebrew Tattoo Designs2a Translate in a classical Hebrew font

For USD$11.99, we can provide you with a Hebrew translation in a beautiful classical font. The output is high resolution, tattoo quality. Include the biblical source if any, (example Lev. 19:28, Psalms 1:3 etc… ) and indicate to which gender.


How Many Words?

- RUSH Tattoo Design or Translation ORDER –


Get your tattoo design – translation within 24hrs.


  1. Make your order using the choices above this RUSH option.
  2. Once you have ordered your tattoo design. Press the ADD TO CART button here to have your order rushed.


Rush my hebrew tattoo design orderHebrew Tattoo Rush Order

Arced, Round and Vertical
Hebrew Tattoos

Take your Hebrew Tattoo lettering to whole other level. We can turn your text vertical or make it arced and in a circle.

  • Vertical $49.99
  • Arced $49.99
  • Round in a circle $49.99

Go to the page for more details


Hebrew tattoo

Hebrew Tattoo Design Service

For a fee we can artistically illustrate your lettering into an original Hebrew tattoo design.

We can add wings to your Hebrew lettering or perhaps you would like your lettering in intertwined in the tree of life?

Go to our page for more details




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