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Hebrew Lettering TattoosIf you are interested in having Hebrew lettering tattooed onto your body or perhaps you are a tattoo artist and you have a client that wants Hebrew lettering tattooed, either way you need both the artwork and the outline of the Hebrew lettering to do this. You have arrived to the correct website service to get it done affordably and within a reasonable amount of time.

hebrew lettering tattoosWe have been providing ready-to-tattoo Hebrew lettering tattoo artwork and outlines to both tattoo collectors and tattoo artists, located all over the World, since 2005. We believe that getting inked or inking someone else with Hebrew is very serious business, and that it is essential that you get the correct spelling; making a mistake is just not an option.

hebrew tattoosPlease take into consideration that there are some words and phrases that do not translate properly nor sensibly into Hebrew, and therefore we will decline any work-Hebrew lettering tattoo designs that we think will not tattoo well, or make sense.


We offer two Hebrew tattoo design lettering services:
Hebrew Names Hebrew Phrases
hebrew name tattoo hebrew phrase tattoo


We offer four types of fonts for your Hebrew name or phrase:
hebrew lettering tattoo hebrew lettering tattoo hebrew lettering tattoo hebrew lettering tattoo
Modern Script Classical Classical 2 Crown

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We also offer you a couple of additional unique services for you to indulge:

The meaning of your
Hebrew Tattoo

Each Hebrew letter has a story to tell, so just imagine what kind of grand stories that entire names and phrases have! For a reasonable fee we will provide you everything that we can find out about your request using the Biblical sources.

We will send you whatever we can learn in a 50 words to 1000 words information summation; approximately 2 hours of research and writing. As we work on a first come and first serve basis, requests can take 1 day to 30 days to get this to you.

hebrew tattoos

The Kabbalah of your
Hebrew Tattoo

Gematria is an ancient Hebraic mystical numerological system by which each Hebrew letter corresponds to a number A=1, B=2, C=3 etc.

The numerological equivalence, value or sum, of your name can correspond, equal and connect to other words and concepts to provide deep and fantastic meanings.

We can try to determine the mystical Kabbalaistic nature of your name by using gematria, or numerological value, of your Hebrew name, for a fee.

gematria service

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Hebrew Tattoos

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Hebrew tattoos - gematria