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To order your Hebrew tattoo name or phrase: 1) please email us with: your name or phrase, 2) your choice of font, 3) the gender, and 4) the Bible # / location if applicable, (Genesis 3:11, for example). After you have emailed us, make payment. Within 30 days we will email you your Hebrew tattoo design + outline.

Note: By making an order you agree to our terms of service.

We offer four types of fonts:

Modern Script Classical Classical 2 Crown

Note: We are only offering horizontal lettering.

Hebrew Name Hebrew Phrase
CAD$99.00 CAD$199

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We also offer you a couple of additional unique services for you to enjoy:

The meaning of your
Hebrew Tattoo

Each Hebrew letter has a story to tell, so just imagine what kind of grand stories that entire names and phrases have! For a reasonable fee we will provide you everything that we can find out about your request using the Biblical sources.

We will send you whatever we can learn in a 50 words to 1000 words information summation; approximately 2 hours of research and writing. As we work on a first come and first serve basis, requests can take 1 day to 30 days to get this to you.

hebrew tattoos


The Kabbalah of your
Hebrew Tattoo

Gematria is an ancient Hebraic mystical numerological system by which each Hebrew letter corresponds to a number A=1, B=2, C=3 etc.

The numerological equivalence, value or sum, of your name can correspond, equal and connect to other words and concepts to provide deep and fantastic meanings.

We can try to determine the mystical Kabbalaistic nature of your name by using gematria, or numerological value, of your Hebrew name, for a fee.

gematria service


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the meaning of your hebrew tattoo

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gematria of tattoos